Procurement reference: SIWI/IT/Proc/2017/11/01

Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) intends to award a contract for Computing Clients (laptops) for its staff in Stockholm & its Africa Regional Center located in Pretoria, South Africa.

Please be sure to read all documents carefully and submit as per instructions outlined in the invitation to tender. 

Tenders must be received by SIWI no later than 29 December, 2017. 


Document description:

  1. Invitation to tender: this document provides detailed requirements, procedures and the timeline of the tendering process. (Download here)
  2. Tender qualification form: this document is a template form to provide the basis of qualification to participate in the tender (Download here)
  3. Technical and Financial offer form: this document is a template form to provide details of the offer in technical and financial contexts. (Download here)
  4. Questions and answers for queries raised by interested parties: (Download here)