SIWI is a flexible matrix organization that combines work areas with thematic structure, and is organized to support the periodic formation of dedicated working groups tailor-made for each short- and long-term project and programme that we undertake.

SIWI’s strategic objectives are to:

  • generate knowledge about and solutions to the world´s water challenges
  • link actors across communities and regions to catalyze sustainable solutions
  • influence public and private actors to integrate water in policy and practice
  • build capacity for water wise actions
  • award and promote excellence that inspires and contributes to a water wise world

SIWI’s prime target audience is agents of change. These may be policy and decision makers on all levels, in charge of governance and management of resources and assets with an impact on availability, access and quality of water. They may also be an audience which has an impact on change agents, such as advisors, researchers and media workers.

SIWI is governed by a board combining experience from the public and private sector. The Prizes are governed by independent committees and administered by SIWI. For World Water Week, a Scientific Programme Committee ensures that cutting-edge knowledge of the Week is upheld.

For the last few years SIWI has been an organization in growth. The demand for our knowledge services in particular has increased and we expect it to continue to do so during the strategy period. Our staff has increased from around 20 to over 70, reflecting the increasing demand for support to meet challenges faced by countries and organisations in managing their water resources. Please navigate on the left to see the SIWI team.