Staff Members

(surnames in alphabetical order)

Mr. Rami Abdelrahman : Programme Manager, Water, Energy and Food Nexus
Ms. Ania Andersch : Manager, Stockholm Junior Water Prize
Ms. Britt-Louise Andersson : Communications Director
Ms. Katarina Andrzejewska : Events and Ceremonies Manager
Ms. Rowena Barber : Outreach and Media Relations
Mr. Jens Berggren : Director, Stockholm Water Prize and Stockholm Industry Water Award
Dr. Erik Brockwell : Junior Economist / Programme Officer, Water Economics
Ms. Klomjit Chandrapanya : Senior Regional Advicer South East Asia, Transboundary Water
Ms. Moa Cortobius : Programme Officer, Water Governance
Mr. Björn Druse : Managing Director
Mr. Anton Earle : Director, African Regional Centre
Ms. Victoria Engstrand-Neacsu : Writer and Editor
Dr. Mats Eriksson : Director, Climate Change and Water
Prof. Malin Falkenmark : Senior Scientific Advisor
Ms. Anna Forslund : Programme Manager, Climate Change and Water
Mr. Torgny Holmgren : Executive Director
Ms. Karin Glaumann : Programme Officer
Dr. Jenny Grönwall : Programme Manager, Water, Energy and Food
Ms. Sanna Gustafsson : Digital Outreach
Mr. Claes Halvarsson : Webmaster
Ms. Susannah Hansson : HR Recruitment & Relocation
Ms. Kerstin Harnesk : Human Resources & Finance Manager
Ms. Louise Heegaard : Fundraising Specialist
Mr. Stefan Heilscher : Manager, Project & Planning Office
Ms. Lotten Hubendick : Programme Officer, GoAL WASH
Ms. Elin Ingblom : Graphic Designer
Ms. Maria Jacobson : Programme Manager, Water Governance
Ms. Alice Jaraiseh : Programme Manager, Climate Change and Water
Dr. Alejandro Jiménez : Programme Manager, Water Governance
Mr. John Joyce : Chief Economist
Dr. Marianne Kjellén : Director, Water Governance
Dr. Martina Klimesova : Programme Manager, Water Economics
Ms. Pernilla Kontio : Facility Manager and Head of Front Desk
Mr. Erik Kristensen : Events & Ceremonies Manager
Ms. Charlotte Köhler Lindahl : Senior Advisor, Strategic Partnerships
Ms. Cajsa Larsson : Manager, Stockholm Junior Water Prizes
Ms. Marie Larsson : Executive Assistant
Ms. Sasha Laziuk : Programme Officer, Project and Planning Office
Ms. Nora Lee : Manager
Mr. James Leten : Programme Manager, Water Governance
Ms. Karin Lexén : Director, World Water Week, International Processes and Prizes
Ms. Birgitta Liss Lymer : Programme Manager, Water Governance
Mr. John Livsey : Programme Officer, Water Governance
Prof. Jan Lundqvist : Senior Scientific Advisor
Ms. Irina Makarchuk : Programme Officer
Dr. Marian Neal (Patrick) : Programme Manager, Transboundary Water Management
Ms. Adele Nerelius : Officer, HR and Finance
Mr. Adrian Puigarnau : Content Manager/Team Leader
Ms. Maya Rebermark : Communications Manager, STWI project
Dr. Phillia Restiani : Programme Manager, Water, Energy and Food
Ms. Lotta Samuelson : Programme Manager
Mr. Nicolai Schaaf : Programme Officer
Mr. Kerry Schneider : Programme Manager, Transboundary Water Management
Mr. Harsh Sheth : Programme Manager, Industrial Water Governance
Mr. Mohammad Naeem Shinwari : Programme Manager, Water Governance Facility
Ms. Johanna Sjödin : Programme Officer, Water Economics
Dr. Therese Sjömander Magnusson : Director, Transboundary Water Management
Ms. Ingrid Stangberg : Content Officer
Ms. Annie Strand : Programme Manager
Ms. Gabriela Suhoschi : Logistics & Exhibition
Ms. Emma Sundström : Front Desk Officer
Ms. Anne Svensson O’Connor : Accounting & Finance Manager
Ms. Anna-Kari Swaretz : Programme Assistant
Ms. Susanna Westman Todorovic : IT Officer
Mr. Nick Tandi : Programme Manager, Africa Regional Centre
Dr. Håkan Tropp : Managing Director, Knowledge Services
Mr. Peter Tvärberg : IT Officer
Ms. Maarja Cederlöf : Content Officer, World Water Week and Prizes
Ms. Katarina Veem : Director, Swedish Water House
Mr. Josh Weinberg : Programme Manager, Water, Energy and Food
Ms. Elin Weyler : Programme Manager
Ms. Sofia Widforss : Programme Manager, International Processes
Ms. Reini Wolfmaier : Accounting and Finance Officer
Ms. Elizabeth Yaari : Programme Manager, Transboundary Water Management
Dr. Andrew Zaeske : Programme Officer, Water Economics
Mr. Frank Zhang : Programme Officer, Water Economics