Dr. Håkan Tropp

Position at SIWI: Managing Director, Knowledge Services
Email: hakan.tropp@siwi.org
Phone: +46 8 121 360 40


Dr. Håkan Tropp is the Managing Director of the Knowledge Services department at SIWI as well as the former Director of the UNDP Water Governance Facility (WGF). Dr. Tropp is responsible for project development and execution, including its policy advisory services on improved water governance to governments and multilateral organisations in numerous developing countries. He also works on advancing water governance knowledge and its practical application as well as developing water governance assessments and indicators.

Dr. Tropp is also involved in several networking and capacity building activities and he develops and implements international training programmes for integrated water resources management and integrity and anti-corruption in water.


Dr. Tropp has worked with SIWI since 2004. Prior to joining SIWI, he worked with the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, (2001-2003), Sida (2003), United Nations Division for Sustainable Development, UN-DSD (1999-2001) and Linköping University (1993-1999). At UNDP he worked as a water resources specialist and policy advisor and, among other things, developed UNDP’s first water governance strategy. As Economic Officer at UN-DSD, he facilitated the normative political process for the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) to promote the implementation of Agenda 21. This included preparing the Secretary General’s reports on water resources, biodiversity, land and agriculture.

Dr. Tropp’s work focuses on water governance, water economics and multi-disciplinary policy and development work related to sustainable development. Fields of experience include: Water Governance and Economics, Integrated Water Resources Management, Anti-Corruption in Water, Non-Governmental Organisations, Capacity Building and Water Policy and Project Development. Dr. Tropp has worked in many different regions such as in South Asia, Southern and Eastern Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East.


Dr. Tropp did his Ph.D. at Linköping University, Department of Water and Environmental Studies and worked as lecturer and researcher. He has a B.A. in Political Science and Political Economy, Lund University. Research focus; environmental governance and the development role of NGOs in India.

Dr. Tropp has published numerous articles, reports and book chapters related to water governance and development. He also works as workshop and roundtable moderator and facilitator. He is regularly invited as a lecturer at universities and speaker at international conferences and other fora. Some other experiences include; founding member and the first chair, 2006-2010, of the Water Integrity Network, WIN; member of editorial board for the journal Natural Resources Forum, Elsevier/Pergamon (2000-2003); and the Global Corruption Report 2008 on Water.