Mr. Stefan Heilscher


Position at SIWI: Manager, Project & Planning Office
Phone: +46 8 121 360 16


Mr. Stefan Heilscher is a Manager for Project & Planning Office at SIWI. Mr. Heilscher provides support in the areas of project administration and project management to the other SIWI Departments. This includes design and administration of data-based tools that standardises and rationalises repetitive processes, capacity building on project management issues as well as direct involvement in projects during planning, monitoring and evaluation. As as Project Manager, Mr. Heilscher is the link between Knowledge Services and Finance and Administration. Currently, Mr. Heilscher is designing and building a Result-Based-Management Tool that will further improve and standardise project management at SIWI. Mr. Heilscher also supports the nomination committees for the Stockholm Water Prize and the Stockholm Industry Water Award in administration of nominations.


Mr. Stefan Heilscher holds an MSc in Biology from  University of Freiburg in Germany, including Limnology and field work on aquaculture in Norway. Mr. Heilscher also holds a diploma in Marine Science from University of Otago, New Zealand. Mr. Heilscher has experience as a Management Consultant, which increased his knowledge in project management, project management training and organisational streamlining.