Ms. Alice Jaraiseh

Position at SIWI: Programme Manager, Knowledge Services
Phone: +46 8 121 360 42


Ms. Jaraiseh is a member of the Knowledge Services Department at SIWI and supports the implementation of the portfolio activities through applied research, advisory services and capacity building, as applicable in accordance with her competence. Ms. Jaraiseh works furthermore as a Programme Manager at the UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI (WGF). Her main responsibility is to assist in coordinating the full range of WGF’s support component activities, as well as providing support to develop the water governance knowledge base, including the coordination of WGF’s communication and outreach programme.


Prior to joining SIWI, Ms. Jaraiseh worked as a Project Coordinator at the Palestine branch of Friends of the Earth – Middle East.  Her main responsibility was to provide support in the process of developing and implementing the second phase of the Good Water Neighbours project, promoting water cooperation on the root level between neighbouring communities in Israel, Jordan, and Palestine. Ms. Jaraiseh has extensive experience in project management as well as capacity building. Before joining SIWI, she worked for five years with different environmental NGOs in Bethlehem, Palestine, where she among other things assisted in developing research reports and background papers, providing policy support and advice to the Palestinian water sector. She was responsible for managing a programme aiming at promoting good water governance using a bottom-up approach, and at the same time lobbying for sustainable water resources management using a top-down approach. The work entailed coordination with a wide range of actors, such as government institutions, international donors, UN agencies as well as other NGOs. Ms. Jaraiseh has a profound regional experience in the Middle East.


Ms. Jaraiseh has a Master of Science degree in Earth Science from Uppsala University.