During the 2018-20121 strategy period, we intend to influence decision-makers, directly and indirectly, by combining our convening power with our expertise in water governance, and by building dialogue, improving policies, and changing water governance practice.

SIWI’s strategic objectives are to:

  • leverage convening power to facilitate and influence water governance dialogues
  • influence priority-setting for improved water governance
  • contribute to policy development for improved water governance
  • contribute to the implementation of improved water policy and practices
  • advance water knowledge, and awards and promotes excellence in water science, policy and practice
  • be a resilient, financially sustainable organization and an attractive employer

SIWI’s prime target audience is agents of change. These may be policy and decision makers on all levels, in charge of governance and management of resources and assets with an impact on availability, access and quality of water. They may also be an audience which has an impact on change agents, such as advisors, researchers and media workers.

Our priority areas will be: Linking knowledge, policy and practice to strengthen water services delivery and water resources governance; Cooperation over shared waters; Swedish Water House; World Water Week; Stockholm Water Prize and Stockholm Junior Water Prize; Informing, influencing and supporting international policy agendas; and Advancing water knowledge and influencing through communication.