"A Water Wise World"

SIWI’s vision is that of a water wise world. In essence, that is a world aware that it would not survive without cherishing water, as the fundamental resource underpinning economic and social development and as a human right.

It is a world where every society ensures that it shares and allocates its water sustainably, equitably and efficiently, making it universally available to meet everyone’s basic needs. It is a world which values water and uses it rationally to provide for the common good, for the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people. At the same time it takes care to sustain ecosystems and to respect the needs of future generations. It invests in prevention of the loss and waste of food and energy that can save so much water.

This may be a defining moment in humanity’s history, where this goal has never been more important. Finite resources are under growing pressure and there is deep inequity in the way we share them among us. With the planet’s available water we can advance human development and provide everyone with food, clean water, energy and the opportunity of a healthy, productive life.

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To achieve this, we must govern our resources wisely and fairly. SIWI, in all we do, work to make water wisdom the new norm, and transform knowledge into wiser policy and practice.