By engaging in global development processes, SIWI seeks to inform and engage in collective efforts to raise awareness on water’s key role for sustainable development. SIWI believes that through cooperation and partnership building, we can reach agreements in order to set fair, inclusive, concrete and forward-looking road maps and agreements for a wise use of the world's water resources.


The International Process department coordinates SIWI’s involvement in global development processes such as the UN Post 2015 development agenda, and the processes under the UN Climate Convention, including the 2015 climate agreement. Through this work, SIWI aims to raise the identify ways to integrate water and influence the related debates and decisions.

SIWI participates in international events, engages in global partnerships and various networks, contributing with the recognised insights on water to different stakeholders and through relevant channels with the overall mission to discuss and develop successful solutions for a sustainable, water wise future for the generations to come.

Water is at the core of sustainable global development. SIWI advocated for a UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) on water, and is pleased that it has been included. Water is also critical for the achievement of the others goals, such as health, hunger, energy and climate.

A broad and inclusive water goal reaffirms water’s fundamental role in building peaceful, prosperous, fair and sustainable societies.

A SDG on water management and sustainable water use is important for coherent solutions and well balanced trade-offs between different water users. Allocating water equitably and efficiently within the ecological constraints will allow for sustained growth. A dedicated water SDG has the potential to create social, economic and financial benefits underpinning the three dimensions of sustainable development.

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