SIWI has a strong history built on integrity, knowledge, experience and cooperation within the water sector. 



Through applied research and programme delivery, we have the foundation and insights necessary to provide water-wise advice and capacity building to both public and private sectors in a range of water-related areas.

SIWI conducts original research on a range of water-related areas, generating multi-disciplinary knowledge and solutions to water challenges. New thinking developed during our research and programme delivery has supported water wise decision-making at both international and national levels, in various regions around the world.

KS-chart-448x214SIWI can also play an important role for business by increasing understanding of water-related risks and challenges – both operation and reputation, and working with business to develop sustainable solutions and risk-mitigation strategies.

In additional to the advisory role, SIWI also believes enhancing institutional and individual capacity is a key way of promoting effective water management.Explore the left-hand menu for more specific information on our various services and areas of expertise.

SIWI believes inclusiveness and cooperation are key to achieving a water wise world. Our strategic partners include the Swedish Government and its agencies, International Organisations, Research Institutes, Private sector companies and NGOs.