Water Governance

Water governance determines how we as individuals and as a society manage, use and allocate resources and distribute services.



SIWI supports clients and partners to manage water resources and provide water supply and sanitation services more efficiently, equitably and sustainably through:

  • Policy and technical advice on governance reform and implementation at local, national and river basin levels
  • Developing and applying tailored knowledge, tools and methodologies
  • Documenting and sharing examples of good practices
  • Monitoring and assessment at national, regional and international levels.

Our services

SIWI’s experts specialise in four key areas of water governance support:

Policy development and implementation
SIWI helps clients and partners take the crucial step from policy formulation and planning to effective implementation. This includes targeted support in important aspects of reform, such as decentralisation, multi-stakeholder participation, river basin management, coordination and integration processes, and gender equity.

Knowledge development and capacity building
SIWI develops, disseminates and promotes the application of knowledge, tools and methodologies to improve water resources management and water related services, by documenting and distributing good practices. SIWI also provides tailored capacity building programmes and builds knowledge platforms for actors to share experiences, insights and perspectives on water governance.

Integrity, transparency and accountability
SIWI works to reduce mismanagement and corruption through promoting integrity, transparency and accountability within and between governments, civil society organisations and private companies.

Assessment and monitoring
SIWI provides support to increase the uptake of water governance assessments through applied research, knowledge-sharing, practical water governance tools and methodologies, and capacity development.