Alarming risks for food shortages in Cambodia and the Mekong region

Blog Dec 05, 2013

Cambodia and the Vietnamese Delta are the most sensitive areas for food security due to the alteration of the Mekong mainstream. The anticipated changes includes 88 politically contentious dams, all planned or already under construction in the Lower Mekong basin.


Presentations during the workshop focused on the impacts of building the dam. Conclusions indicated that the risks to fisheries, which are the major source of food and nutrients for Cambodian people, are extremely high.

Cambodia will need to replace 340,000 tons of lost fish protein yearly as a result of the 11 planned upstream dams. So what is the answer to this loss?

Jamie Pittock, lecturer at the Australian National University

The Royal Government of Cambodia has an ambitious plan to develop hydropower dams in the Mekong tributaries confined within Cambodia. The government of Lao PDR has recently notified the Mekong River Commission of its decision to proceed with the development of the Don Sahong dam, located only 1 km from the Cambodian border. The Don Sahong dam site, where the river forms a complex network of water channels, is an extremely vital route for fish migration