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Cooperation for a Water Wise World – Partnerships for Sustainable Development

Authors: A. Jägerskog, T. J. Clausen, K. Lexén and T. Holmgren, 2013.

Feeding a Thirsty World – Challenges and Opportunities for a Water and Food Secure Future

Authors: A. Jägerskog and T. Clausen, 2012.

Land Acquisitions – How Will They Impact Transboundary Waters

Authors: A. Jägerskog, A. Cascao, M. Hårsmar and K. Kim, 2012.

Addressing Power Asymmetry – How Transboundary Water Management May Serve to Reduce Poverty

Authors: M. Zeitoun and A. Jägerskog, 2011.

Securing Water for Ecosystems and Human Well-Being – The Importance of Environmental Flows

Author: Swedish Water House, 2009.

The TWO Analysis – Introducing a Methology for the Transboundary Water Opportunity Analysis

Authors: D. J. H. Phillips, J. A. Allan, M. Claassen, J. Granit, A. Jägerskog, E. Kistin, M. Patrick, A. Turton, 2008.

Agriculture, Water and Ecosystems

Author: Swedish Water House, 2007.