WASH Media Awards

Launched in 2002 by SIWI in collaboration with the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), the WASH Media Awards initiative recognises and supports the crucial role of the media in raising awareness of the importance of water, sanitation, and hygiene services (WASH).

It aims to promote coverage of WASH issues in the local, national and international media to have a positive influence on decision-makers, the private sector, the civil society as well as individuals and households.

The initiative is open to journalists who write or broadcast original investigative reports on WASH issues. The WASH Media Awards intend to provide recognition to those journalists who make public awareness of water, sanitation and hygiene, and their related development issues a priority.

Journalists have a perfect profile for WASH advocates since they communicate messages in a concrete way which reflects the ‘WASH on the ground’ reality. Therefore, a media network is a valuable asset to further create a valued platform for advocacy and influence in the water supply and sanitation sectors.

The winners have taken up their newly acquired role as WASH advocates and became involved in global and regional WASH related events. Read about the 2014 Winners here.

  • Next edition of WASH Media Awards will take place in 2016, and we will open for submissions around spring. Keep an eye on our website!