Silver Jubilee

2015-WWW-SIWI web

Celebrating 25 years!

In 2015, both World Water Week and the Stockholm Water Prize turn 25! To celebrate this silver jubilee, World Water Week will move back into the heart of Stockholm, where everything started!

In the spirit of the jubilee, the atmosphere of 2015 World Water Week will be extra festive with fun and informative events such as art shows, experiments, games and mini-seminars taking place in the lively exhibition area. The exhibition will be open to the general public, including school classes who will be invited to join the fun and learn about water.

Also new this year is the SIWI Sofa. Located in the exhibition area, the sofa will be a cross between a speakers’ corner and an outdoor studio, where journalists can conduct interviews and facilitate discussions between experts on a variety of water-related issues. Expected interviewees include high-level speakers, representatives from water and development organizations, the private sector and, of course, SIWI. Targeting a broader range of decision-makers and interested public, as well as World Water Week participants, segments will focus on hot topics of the Week and highlights, interdisciplinary collaboration, knowledge sharing, and on creating a deeper understanding of key water issues. They will also be recorded (video or podcast) and promoted through various online channels.

Come to Stockholm and experience it for yourself or contact Ania Andersch to get involved!

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