Nomination for the 2016 Stockholm Water Prize is now closed.



Eligibility requirements

A valid nominee for the Stockholm Water Prize should have made outstanding achievements of lasting significance in developed or developing countries. The work should have great potential or proven impact and provided stimulation for further important work. The Laureate should come from one of the following three categories:

a) Outreach and Awareness Raising
This category includes dissemination and outreach of knowledge through:
– education and training of students or water professionals or communities
– dissemination of information to and awareness raising of larger groups of citizens, decision-makers and non-specialists

b) Policy and Practices
This broad category covers those aspects that pertain to the sound governance and management of water including implementation as well as to the health and well-being of people, society and communities. The category includes:
– human rights, conflict resolution, influence on policies, international cooperation with application in the water sector
– sustainable and safe management of water resources
– on-the-ground provision of water supply and sanitation facilities by governments, NGOs, aid organisations and others
–  fund raising to implement water facilities or better water practices
–  development and application of appropriate technology on a local basis

c) Research
This category includes both basic and applied research and regards the development of and leadership in new knowledge of:
– natural or physical or technological processes
– the functioning of complex systems
– development of new ecological or economical or legislative or institutional or administrative principles applicable to sustainable water management

The international Nominating Committee reviews nominations and recommends a Laureate to the Board of the Stockholm International Water Institute, which makes the final decision. For more information on nomination, look at the Frequently Asked Questions section or email us at