The GoAL WaSH is a UNDP programme that aims to accelerate the achievement of the water and sanitation Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) through strategically targeted interventions that strengthen governance of the water and sanitation sectors at appropriate levels.



Specifically, MDG GoAL WASH focuses on:

  • Countries with low water and sanitation coverage projected not to achieve the water, sanitation or both MDGs.
  • Identifying gaps, needs, constraints and opportunities in national water and sanitation plans, strategies and capacities.
  • Governance reform, leadership and policy advocacy.
  • Incorporation of water and sanitation into national MDG and related poverty reduction strategies.
  • Close coordination with governments and key development partners active in water and sanitation at country level.
  • Fragile states where the needs are greatest and where UNDP is one of the few actors present in country.

To date MDG GoAL WASH country programmes have been established in 10 countries around the world. Each country programme is overseen by a national manager resident in the UNDP Country Office, ensuring local ownership of the development process.

The global management of the GoAL WASH is hosted at the UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI.

Visit the GoAL WaSH section of the Water Governance Facility website.