International Centre for Water Cooperation

The International Centre for Water Cooperation is the first UNESCO Category II Centre in Sweden, and the first in the world to focus on transboundary water management in connection with peace, conflict and regional development.



Cooperation over shared water resources is essential for securing water for future generations, and can in fact open new opportunities for riparian states to sustainably develop their common water resources. It can also assist decision-makers and practitioners at local, national and regional levels to reduce conflict and increase economic development and growth.

The ICWC supports this process by developing world-leading knowledge and capacity through international research, training, outreach and policy advice.

An independent research institute, the ICWC is hosted by SIWI and delivered in partnership with the Swedish Government and SIWI, under the auspices of UNESCO.

The ICWC has also partnered with Uppsala University and SIWI to open the Research School for International Water Cooperation.

Visit the ICWC website for more information.