A Vital Confluence of Individuals and Ideas – Twenty Years, Topics and Laureates of Influence at the World Water Week and the Stockholm Water Prize

Confluence: the geographic point where unique streams merge into a powerful new current.

For two decades in Stockholm, men and women from diverse backgrounds and interests have come together during World Water Week to exchange energy and content from their distinctive life journeys and to celebrate excellence through the Stockholm Water Prize.

Beneath a calm surface roils critical debate: What’s water’s value? Who owns priceless rain? How should we govern? A vigorous quest for answers yields unpredictable results. Concepts emerge such as hydrocide, hydrohegemony, ecohydrology or hydrosolidarity. Water turns blue, green or gray; gets hungry; and travels virtually.

What began in 1991 as a celebration of excellence and a meeting of ecologists and engineers has broadened to embrace psychology, economics, history, medicine, national security or trade law. In that inclusive spirit, this booklet gathers up and binds together twenty essential topics influenced by all who converged in Stockholm over 20 years: a vital confluence of individuals and ideas.