Stockholm Water Front No. 4 2012

Stockholm Water Front Magazine, Issue no 4, 2012

As we wrap up the work of the past year and approach the new year, we are looking forward to 2013 with much enthusiasm. Next year is the “International Year of Water Cooperation” as declared by the United Nations. We believe that the way forward is paved by collaboration, and that no actor can achieve desirable impact without close cooperation with others. We need to complement each other’s work, bridge policy and practice, and connect across different sectors, nationally, regionally and globally. Water cross-cuts into all aspects of development on our shared planet, and should be given the prominence it deserves. Cooperation has been one of the core founding stones of SIWI, and we will continue to build upon it in our five core themes: Water Governance, Transboundary Water Management; Water Economics; Water and Climate Change and the Water, Energy and Food Nexus. In this issue of the Stockholm Water Front we explain why we believe those areas are important. We also summarise the thematic scope of the 2013 World Water Week and its focus on Water Cooperation. We hope to meet you all here in Stockholm on September 1-6, 2013 at the week. So please, go ahead, book your calendars, submit your abstracts, and proposals for seminars and side-events and other meetings. In the following pages, you will find articles about the recent drought in USA, the fight against corruption in East Africa, and cooperation over issues related to the Baltic Sea. You will also find news about SIWI and other developments taking place in 2013.