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Annual Report 2014

SIWI is a rapidly developing organization. With global, regional and local water crises catching public attention, water issues are moving… View more

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2013 Annual Report

It deserves repetition: water is a precondition for all life. It keeps us alive – literally – and is an… View more

Water Pricing: how to value our most elusive resource

Stockholm Water Front No. 4 2013 article Water Pricing: How to value our most elusive resource by Mr. Jens Berggren,… View more

Stockholm Water Front No. 4 2013

Water scarcity will affect an increasing number of people in the coming decades. Global water demand is expected to increase… View more


Annual Report 2012

2012 was a great and intense year for SIWI, encompassing critical top level changes, the release of a fresh new… View more

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Setting a Value for Water

The 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm will host the 10th Annual Meeting of the International Water Resources Economics Consortium… View more

SIWI Brochure in Arabic

This document is Arabic version of the SIWI General Information Brochure. This brochure gives a general introduction to Stockholm International… View more

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