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2013 Annual Report

It deserves repetition: water is a precondition for all life. It keeps us alive – literally – and is an… View more

Water Pricing: how to value our most elusive resource

Stockholm Water Front No. 4 2013 article Water Pricing: How to value our most elusive resource by Mr. Jens Berggren,… View more

Stockholm Water Front No. 4 2013

Water scarcity will affect an increasing number of people in the coming decades. Global water demand is expected to increase… View more


Annual Report 2012

2012 was a great and intense year for SIWI, encompassing critical top level changes, the release of a fresh new… View more

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Setting a Value for Water

The 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm will host the 10th Annual Meeting of the International Water Resources Economics Consortium… View more