Dr. Grönwall is a Programme Manager at SIWI's Knowledge Services and a member of the water governance team, with responsibility for groundwater governance and food security.

Jenny is the focal point for SIWI’s work on democracy and human rights and one of SIWI’s experts on groundwater governance. She co-developed a manual on the human rights-based approach to IWRM and conducts research related to regulation and governance, particularly the textile sector in India, and urban groundwater use in Sub-Saharan Africa. Jenny also worked with the Sustainable Water Resources Management for Textile Industries programme (SWAR).

Prior to joining SIWI in 2013, Jenny worked for the Institute of Water Policy, the International Institute of Environment and Development, the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. With over 15 years of experience working with water issues, Jenny has extensive regional understanding of India, China, Vietnam and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Jenny has published numerous articles and reports, including Water, Food Security and Human Dignity, Power to Segregate: Improving Electricity Access and Reducing Resource Demand in Rural India and Groundwater governance in India – Stumbling blocks for law and compliance. She has a PhD from Linköping University and a Master of Laws from Gothenburg University.

Appointed the International Chair of the Technical Expert Team, EU-China Environmental Sustainability Programme, Jenny is a Swedish national and speaks English and Swedish.

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