Dr. Martina Klimes is working primarily with conflict management issues and analysis in the context of water diplomacy and transboundary water management.

Dr. Klimes has researched on and worked with various conflict issues in East and Southeast Asia. Her main research focus is on peace processes, incentives, and third party involvement in peace negotiation. Martina’s recent book Using Carrots to Bring Peace? Negotiation and Third Party Involvement (2016) focuses primarily on the effectiveness of aid conditionality and other external tools that third parties – from states and regional organizations to NGOs – bring to the table in peace negotiations.

Prior to joining SIWI, Martina worked at the Institute for Security and Development Policy (ISDP) in Stockholm, where she is currently an Associated Research Fellow, and at a private consultancy. Added to that, she has worked and conducted research in Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Dr. Klimes holds a PhD degree in International Relations. She has contributed to a number of policy outlets on conflict issues in East and Southeast Asia.

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