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Stockholm Water Front No. 4 2001

This Water Front presents the workshop conclusions of World Water Week 2001. Some of the workshop topics were about the… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 3 2001

The 2001 World Water Week were a successful meeting with a diverse agenda included issues such as how to foster… View more

Water Management in Developing Countries: SIWI Recommendation for EU Development Co-operation

The European Commission, in preparing a communication to the Council and the Parliament on Water and Development, is using this… View more

Water Harvesting for Upgrading of Rainfed Agriculture: Problem Analysis and Research Needs

Water harvesting has great potential to improve on-farm crop yields and food security for farmers in dry regions. This report… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 2 2001

With hydrosolidarity issues again to be in focus at the Stockholm Water Symposium, Stockholm Water Front took time to talk… View more