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A Little Light Relief?

Most people in the developed world are fortunate: they can take proper sanitation for granted. But millions in poorer countries… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 4 2007

Like the upcoming 2008 World Water Week, this issue of Water Front will place special focus on sanitation issues to… View more

Taking from the Top: Looking Upstream in India

River basin closure has developed into a sizeable challenge of extreme importance. Over the past 50 years, many of the… View more

Urban Sanitation: Politics in a Dirty World

The Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) of UNICEF and the World Health Organization estimates that access to basic sanitation in urban… View more

From Field to Fork – Wastage of Water in the Food Chain

With rising population, urbanisation and higher incomes, food demand may double in the coming 50 years. Given the water scarcity… View more

Get Ready: Adopting to Water and Climate Change

Changes in water availability are what hit us first with an altered climate. Beyond the stronger, less predictable and more… View more

Outputs from the World Water Week

The 2007 World Water Week featured a number of new agreements, initiatives, launches and celebrations. This article highlights the outcomes… View more