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2008 Abstract Volume

This is the Abstract Volume of the 2008 workshops. The workshop topics are: Waste as a Resource, Water Afteruse –… View more


Innovations in Groundwater Governance in the Mena Region

This report is based on a seminar on innovations in groundwater governance in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) Region… View more


The Cluster Group on Climate, Water and Vulnerability

In recent years, numerous reports have addressed the growing threat from climate changes to ecosystems and its consequences highlights the… View more


The Cluster Group on Water and Rights

There is enough water to meet everyone’s essential personal and domestic needs. Yet more than 1 billion people lack access… View more

Key Messages from 2008 World Water Week in Stockholm

2300 participants from over 130 countries and 200 collaborating organisations gathered in the Swedish capital for the 2008 World Water… View more