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Fixing a World and Not Just an Economy in Crisis

By 2030, we will need two earths. That is, of course, if we plan to supply enough natural resources to… View more

Flood Management: Why it Matters for Development and Adaptation Policy

Our species has always lived with floods. But they remain poorly understood and managed. Floods are part of a natural… View more

Innovation’s Accelerating Interest in Water

Over the past decade the world of innovation has evolved to become more strategic, more open and more focused on… View more

Slash and Learn

Dr. Aracely Castro of the International Centre of Tropical Agriculture presents a new model of agricultural management that makes life… View more

The Power of Rain

Ceren Burçak Dag had a rough start to World Water Week when her luggage got lost in transit from her… View more

World Water Week 2009

More than 2,400 participants from 135 countries gathered in the Swedish capital for the 2009 World Water Week in Stockholm,… View more

Climate Change and Water Resource Policies Among Major Donor Organizations

The policy assessment findings that emerged from this report intends to deliver a strategic summary of the current policy frameworks… View more

The Global Financial and Economic Crisis and the Water Sector

This report examines the impact of the financial crisis since 2007 and relates this to the impact of the food… View more


Adapting Water Management to Climate Change

This Policy Brief present a general overview of observed and projected impacts of climate change on water resources and an… View more