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Stockholm Water Front No. 3-4 2009

The discussions in Copenhagen for the COP-15 must come forth with a path to accelerate our mitigation of greenhouse gases… View more


Capacity Building Programme General Information Brochure

SIWI and Ramboll Natura AB build capacities for improved knowledge, networks and institutional processes for sustainable water resources management in… View more


Swedish Water House General Information Brochure

Swedish Water House (SWH) is an independent programme at Stockholm International Water Institute. SWH gathers the Swedish resource base on… View more


Water Governance Facility General Information Brochure

The UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI provides support and advice to government agencies, civil society organisations and other stakeholders… View more

Desert City Visions: Decision Making under Uncertainty

Since 2000, the “desert city” of Phoenix Arizona has welcomed more than one million residents and now boasts a population… View more

Ecohydrosolidarity – Towards Better Balancing of Humans and Nature

For decades, humanity has been stuck at a conceptual standstill. The serious failures through three or four decades to come… View more

Feeding Everyone: A Case for Water Governance Reform

“If we continue to go on with business as usual in the agricultural water sector, we will not have enough… View more