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Stockholm Water Front No. 2 2009

SIWI’s Senior Scientific Advisor Prof. Malin Falkenmark advocates future-oriented strategies to address what she describes as the mega-scale challenges. Supplying… View more

Water Transfers from Agriculture: China’s Challenge

Water resource exploitation has silently supported the blossoming Chinese economy for decades. Unfortunately, that rapid development has ended with depleted… View more

Beyond the River: A Practitioner’s Perspective

Building real cooperation on transboundary waters is always a lengthy and complex journey. Embracing cooperation is no simple task for… View more

Building Benefits…Not Conflict…From Shared Water

Transboundary waters are rising on the international agenda. As the forces of climate change, population shifts, and economic stress converge… View more

Introducing GoAL WASH

GoAL WaSH is an innovative new UNDP programme that aims to accelerate achievement of the water and sanitation Millennium Development… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 1 2009

How water is shared will determine whether regions and populations will decline or thrive in the future. Through cooperation and… View more

Water Resources Management: A Systems View

One would expect that “water resources management” is the management of water resources. But the language behind the concept is… View more

Water Security: Time to Talk Across Sectors

Water security is a key element of human security, together with food security, energy security, health security, economic security, and… View more


2009 Overarching Conclusions

The 2009 World Water Week in Stockholm brought more than 2,400 leaders together from many different sectors of the scientific,… View more

2009 Additional Abstracts

This is additional abstracts to the 2009 Abstract Volume. View more