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2012 Abstract Volume

Abstract Volume, World Water Week in Stockholm - August 26–31, 2012: Water and Food Security Contents Workshop: Best Use of… View more

2011 Abstract Volume

This is the Abstract Volume of the 2011 World Water Week workshops. The topics of the 2011 workshops are: •… View more

2008 Abstract Volume

This is the Abstract Volume of the 2008 workshops. The workshop topics are: Waste as a Resource, Water Afteruse –… View more

2007 Abstract Volume

This is the 2007 Abstract Volume with presentations of the 9 workshops International Targets and National Implementation, Progress in Environmental… View more

2006 Abstract Volume

This is the 2006 Abstract Volume, presenting the ten workshops. Some of the workshop themes are: Tools for Benefit Sharing… View more

2009 Abstract Volume

The 2009 Abstract Volume presents the 8 workshops: Benefit Sharing and Transboundary Waters, Securing Water in Coastal Zones, Access to… View more

2009 Additional Abstracts

This is additional abstracts to the 2009 Abstract Volume. View more