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2012 Abstract Volume

Abstract Volume, World Water Week in Stockholm - August 26–31, 2012: Water and Food Security Contents Workshop: Best Use of… View more


2011 Abstract Volume

This is the Abstract Volume of the 2011 World Water Week workshops. The topics of the 2011 workshops are: •… View more


2009 Abstract Volume

The 2009 Abstract Volume presents the 8 workshops: Benefit Sharing and Transboundary Waters, Securing Water in Coastal Zones, Access to… View more

2009 Additional Abstracts

This is additional abstracts to the 2009 Abstract Volume. View more


2008 Abstract Volume

This is the Abstract Volume of the 2008 workshops. The workshop topics are: Waste as a Resource, Water Afteruse –… View more


2007 Abstract Volume

This is the 2007 Abstract Volume with presentations of the 9 workshops International Targets and National Implementation, Progress in Environmental… View more

2006 Abstract Volume

This is the 2006 Abstract Volume, presenting the ten workshops. Some of the workshop themes are: Tools for Benefit Sharing… View more