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The myth that “water efficiency” will eradicate hunger and poverty

Article published in Stockholm Water Front no. 4 2014 The myth that "water efficiency" will eradicate hunger and poverty by… View more


SIWI food waste video to be screened at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit

This Thursday September 19 the short film WASTE, a collaboration between SIWI, UNEP, WWF Germany and FAO, will be screened… View more


What should be the price of water?

As the world's population grows fast, there will be even more of us to share an already limited amount of… View more


SIWI launches project to strengthen farmers’ resilience to climate change in Viet Nam

Stockholm, Sweden (January 22 2013) – Viet Nam is at risk of becoming one of the most adversely affected countries… View more


Feeding a thirsty world: Challenges and opportunities for a water and food secure world

This report presents the latest thinking and new approaches to emerging and persistent challenges to achieve food security in the… View more


Land Acquisitions: How Will They Impact Transboundary Waters?

This exploratory report investigates how the current surge in land acquisitions and investments by foreign countries, sovereign wealth funds and… View more

2012 Stockholm Water Prize presented to IWMI

H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden presented the 2012 Stockholm Water Prize to the International Water Management Institute (IWMI)… View more

Water Transfers from Agriculture: China’s Challenge

Water resource exploitation has silently supported the blossoming Chinese economy for decades. Unfortunately, that rapid development has ended with depleted… View more


Agriculture, Water and Ecosystems

This Policy Brief covers the past agricultural management that has caused wide scale changes in land cover, streamflow, and groundwater… View more


Let it Reign: The New Water Paradigm for Global Food Security

Let it Reign highlights key facts, conditions and trends regarding water aspects of food production, consumption and ecological sustainability. It… View more