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Invitation to join water cooperation seminar in Paris

April 16, the seminar "Water for Peace or Conflict? - Prospects for improved water cooperation" will take place in UNESCO's… View more


Feeding a thirsty world: Challenges and opportunities for a water and food secure world

This report presents the latest thinking and new approaches to emerging and persistent challenges to achieve food security in the… View more


Feeding a Thirsty World

The World Water Week 2012 in Stockholm will zoom in on food security and the global water situation. This is… View more


The Global Rush for Land: What about Water?

This article presents the SIWI report "Land Acquisitions: How Will They Impact Transboundary Waters?", which explores how the current surge… View more


Land Acquisitions: How Will They Impact Transboundary Waters?

This exploratory report investigates how the current surge in land acquisitions and investments by foreign countries, sovereign wealth funds and… View more