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Shale Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing – Framing the Water Issue

SIWI Report no. 24 "Shale Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing - Framing the Water Issue" by Andreas Lindström, SIWI, Dr. Allan… View more


Energy and Water: The Vital Link for a Sustainable Future

The report provides input into the discussions at the 2014 World Water Week in Stockholm, which is held under the… View more

Water Governance and Management Challenges in the Continuum from Land to the Coastal Sea – Spatial Planning as a Management Tool

Spatial planning, both on land and at sea, offers strong mechanisms to integrate water considerations early on during cross-sector policy… View more

Shale gas and hydraulic fracturing – Blessing or curse?

Stockholm Water Front Article, No. 1 2014 Shale gas and hydraulic fracturing - blessing or curse? by Mr. Andreas Lindström, SIWI,… View more

SIWI Business Services

SIWI helps businesses address water-related risks As a neutral, not-for-profit, solution-oriented, world-leading water policy and management research institute, SIWI helps… View more

Water and Energy: Threats and Opportunities

Stockholm Water Front No.3 2012 article In this book review, Mr Andreas Lindström looks into the book "Water and Energy:… View more