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SIWI General Information Brochure

This information brochure gives a general introduction to Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and our work to find sustainable solutions… View more

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Invitation to Nominate 2011 Stockholm Industry Water Award

Now the opportunity is open to nominate a company or organisation for the 2011 Stockholm Industry Water Award. Nominees must… View more

Klustergruppen om vatten och företagsansvar

Alla företag är på något sätt beroende av vatten för sin verksamhet, och allt fler företag börjar utforska hur de… View more

SIWI Brochure in Arabic

This document is Arabic version of the SIWI General Information Brochure. This brochure gives a general introduction to Stockholm International… View more

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The Cluster Group on Climate, Water and Vulnerability

In recent years, numerous reports have addressed the growing threat from climate changes to ecosystems and its consequences highlights the… View more

The Cluster Group on Water and Rights

There is enough water to meet everyone’s essential personal and domestic needs. Yet more than 1 billion people lack access… View more

For Outstanding Achievements: The Story of the Stockholm Water Prize and its Laureates

This is an introduction to the story of the Stockholm Water Prize, the world's most prestigious prize for outstanding achievements… View more

The Supply is in the Sky: Learning to Capture and Manage the Rain

Rain is the global water resource. How well it is captured and managed will go a long way to determine… View more

The Swedish Environmental Flows Initiative

The Swedish Environmental Flows Initiative, established in 2007, engages a wide range of actors in Sweden and internationally around the… View more