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Stockholm Water Front No.1 2004

This issue of Water Front contains a preview of World Water Week 2004 and its seminars and workshops connected to… View more

Urgent Action Needed for Water Security – 2002 Stockholm Statement

Concerning the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg 2002, the Stockholm Water Symposia presented four recommendations in order to… View more

Stockholm Water Front No. 2 2000

Safe, adequate and reliable water supply and sanitation is a challenge to achieve in fast urbanisation and rapid population growth… View more

Stockholm Water Front No.2 1999

Meet the 1999 Stockholm Water Prize laureates Professors Werner Stumm and James J. Morgan who’se profound and far-reaching research achievements… View more

1996 Proceedings: Safeguarding Water Resources for Tomorrow: New Solutions to Old Problems

The 1996 Stockholm Water Symposium put focus on the need to go from fragmented single issue approaches to a more… View more

1995 Proceedings: Water Quality Management: Heading for a New Epoch

The 1995 Stockholm Water Symposium put water quality management in a long-term future-oriented perspective, stressing the fact that the world… View more

Driving Development by Investing in Water and Sanitation – Five Facts Support the Argument

Investing in water and sanitation can be an engine for accelerated economic growth, sustainable development, improved health and reduced poverty.… View more

Linking Poverty Reduction and Water Management

This Policy Brief has analysed the potential role of water management in poverty reduction and to identify actions through which… View more

Six journalists win prestigious media awards geared towards improving reporting on water, sanitation and hygiene

WASH Media Awards 2011-2012 Six journalists were named today as winners of the "WASH Media Awards" competition for their excellence… View more

New issue of Stockholm Water Front out now!

The global water community has been charting creative policy solutions to address challenges related to water for decades, often calling… View more