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2014 World Water Week is recruiting assistants

The World Water Week team in Stockholm is looking for approximately 70 enthusiastic volunteers to help us manage all the… View more

Shale gas and hydraulic fracturing – Blessing or curse?

Stockholm Water Front Article, No. 1 2014 Shale gas and hydraulic fracturing - blessing or curse? by Mr. Andreas Lindström, SIWI,… View more

SIWI takes part in launch of World Bank Thirsty Energy Initiative

The world’s water and energy systems are inextricably linked. With both of these vital resources coming under greater pressures over… View more

2014 World Water Week – Deadline for Abstracts and Event Proposals Jan 19

Don't miss the opportunity to shape the 2014 World Water Week programme! Submit your short abstract or event proposal online… View more

Call for Abstracts and Event Proposals: 2014 World Water Week

In 2014, World Water Week in Stockholm will focus on water and energy, addressing some of the most urgent challenges… View more