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Carp and collaboration

Stockholm Water Front Article, No. 3 2014 Carp and collaboration by Jeff Opperman & Qiaoyu Guo, The Nature Conservancy In… View more

Registration open! 2014 World Water Week in Stockholm

Registration for the 2014 World Water Week in Stockholm - Energy and Water (August 31 – September 5) is now… View more

Happy World Water Day 2014

What will you do to raise the profile of water issues today? International World Water Day is held every year… View more

Watch live! World Water Day seminar focusing on energy and water

Watch the broadcast of Swedish Water House seminar on energy and water linkages. Starts at 09:00 AM CET Friday March… View more

Water and Energy: Threats and Opportunities

Stockholm Water Front No.3 2012 article In this book review, Mr Andreas Lindström looks into the book "Water and Energy:… View more

The Durban Experience

South Africa is a water scarce country, ranked as the 30th driest country in the world in terms of water… View more

Water Needs Curtail Coal Gasification For Fuel

Ordos, China – all silvery pipes and steel pressure vessels, the Shenhua Group’s breakthrough new refinery, stretched across a kilometre… View more