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Download 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm Programme

Please download the 2012 World Water Week Programme here. View more

SIWI events at the 2012 World Water Week

The World Water Week in Stockholm is held August 26-31, 2012 (www.worldwaterweek.org). SIWI is convening and co-convening a series of… View more

Water in the Rio outcomes

SIWI's Karin Lexén has been following the Rio+20 negotiations as an advisor to the Swedish delegation. Her comments as of… View more

SIWI at Rio+20 – Key Messages and Sessions

SIWI will take an active part in the Rio+20 summit: Key messages SIWI has prepared a Key Messages document, which… View more

From Field to Fork – Wastage of Water in the Food Chain

With rising population, urbanisation and higher incomes, food demand may double in the coming 50 years. Given the water scarcity… View more


Agriculture, Water and Ecosystems

This Policy Brief covers the past agricultural management that has caused wide scale changes in land cover, streamflow, and groundwater… View more


Stockholm Water Front No.2 2007

In this issue of Water Front, a set of policy-relevant impacts of climate change on natural and human systems of… View more


Let it Reign: The New Water Paradigm for Global Food Security

Let it Reign highlights key facts, conditions and trends regarding water aspects of food production, consumption and ecological sustainability. It… View more