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Feeding a Thirsty World

The World Water Week 2012 in Stockholm will zoom in on food security and the global water situation. This is… View more

California – Balancing regional sustainability and imported

Water leaders in Southern California (and the San Francisco Bay Area) will be increasingly challenged to implement a new state… View more

Green Water Use in an Era of Growing Scarcity

Agricultural water use, the primary consumer of freshwater around the globe, is increasingly threatened by climatic stresses and demands from… View more

Overeating, Hunger and Waste: Recipe for Worsening Food and Water Crises

The world population has increased 50 percent over the last half century alone. That is a staggering 3 billion more… View more


Saving Water: From Field to Fork – Curbing Losses and Wastage in the Food Chain

As much as half of all food grown is lost or wasted before and after it reaches the consumer. And… View more

Virtual Water: Real Challenges Remain

The concept of virtual water will continue to be relevant for a long time. Looking forward Prof. Allan, author and… View more

“Virtual Water” Innovator Awarded 2008 Stockholm Water Prize

Professor John Anthony Allan from King’s Collage London and the School of Oriental and African Studies has been named the… View more