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Challenges of Water Scarcity: A Business Case Study for Financial Institutions

Many regions face as situation where water is distributed unevenly in time and space. With increasing population and its legitimate… View more


Resilience: Going from Conventional to Adaptive Freshwater Management for Human and Ecosystem Compatibility

This Policy Brief highlights the need for water management to incorporate complexity and uncertainty and introduces the concepts of “resilience”… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 2 2004

From the dawn of history, as the human population has continuously increased, so have the water and wastewater disposal requirements.… View more


Stockholm Water Front No.4 2004

A green-green-green revolution is what is needed now: green for rapid production increase, green for environmental sustainability, and green for… View more


Stockholm Water Front No.1 2004

This issue of Water Front contains a preview of World Water Week 2004 and its seminars and workshops connected to… View more


Stockholm Water Front No.1 2003

This issue of Stockholm Water front discusses the outcome of the World Water Forum in Kyoto and if there was… View more


Projects in Aral Sea Basin

This paper of finalised, ongoing and planned projects in the Aral Sea region was conducted by SIWI as a background… View more