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Stockholm Water Front No. 3 2007

Over 2500 participants from 113 countries gathered in the Swedish Capital for the 2007 World Water Week in Stockholm to… View more

Holistic Hygiene for Human Health

For decades, access to water and sanitation has been seen as the essential step in reducing the preventable disease burden… View more


On the Verge of a New Water Scarcity

An unfortunate confusion regarding growing physical water scarcity distorts policy formulation and effective action programmes. The scale and magnitude of… View more


Planning for Drinking Water and Sanitation in Peri-Urban Areas

Safe drinking water, good sanitation and hygiene are fundamental to people’s health, survival, growth and development. In some parts of… View more

From Pure Aid to Demanded Support

With 36 years of professional experience in working with international water issues in the context of development cooperation, Mr. Ingvar… View more


2007 Synthesis Report: Progress and Prospects on Water – Striving for Sustainability in a Changing World

A sense of optimism pervaded the 2007 World Water Week in Stockholm because of some progress on most water-related fronts.… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 4 2006

The inability to provide the inhabitants of this world with sanitary solutions that prevent sickness and poor health, protect the… View more

Vatten för våra liv! Och livet för vårt vatten?

Varje dag, året runt, dör uppskattningsvis 3 900 barn till följd av smutsigt och förorenat vatten, bristande hygien och sanitära… View more