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Elaborating on the Nexus Between Energy and Water

Like energy, water is used in different forms and cuts across most development functions in society. With growing populations and… View more

Innovations in Groundwater Governance in the Mena Region

This report is based on a seminar on innovations in groundwater governance in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) Region… View more

Transboundary Water Management as a Regional Public Good

Investment in water resources management in the Nile Basin provides significant benefits for human and economic development. But the public… View more

SIWI paper analyses benefits, risks and best practice in water storage

"Large-scale water storage in the water, energy and food nexus: Perspectives on benefits, risks and best practice", by Mr. Andreas… View more

Accounting for water scarcity and pollution in the rules of international trade

A publication from UNESCO-IHE, the University of Twente and Delft University of Technology, Accounting for water scarcity and pollution in… View more