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Action Platform for Source to Sea Management

The Action Platform for Source to Sea Management is a multi-stakeholder initiative that enables freshwater, coastal and marine experts to… View more

Netafim Receives Stockholm Industry Water Award

Netafim, a pioneer and leading provider of drip and micro-irrigation technology worldwide, has been named the 2013 Stockholm Industry Water… View more

Dr. Peter Morgan Wins Stockholm Water Prize

Dr. Peter Morgan has been named the 2013 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate for his work to protect the health and… View more

China water sector cooperation programme

This programme will support water quality management and governance for the Chinese water resources sector. It will further serve to… View more


2012 World Water Week puts thought to food

More than one in three people today either suffer from malnourishment, or face health risks from overeating and unbalanced diets.… View more


World Water Week – Making a statement

Next June 4-6, global leaders will gather for the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro… View more

American Public Health Champion Receives 2010 Stockholm Water Prize

Dr. Rita Colwell, distinguished Professor from the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health in… View more

Slash and Learn

Dr. Aracely Castro of the International Centre of Tropical Agriculture presents a new model of agricultural management that makes life… View more