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Stockholm Water Front No 4 2014

As this issue was going to press, we were reached by the very sad news that this year’s Stockholm Water… View more

Falkenmark, trailblazer

Article published in Stockholm Water Front no. 4 2014 Falkenmark, trailblazer by Kerry Schneider, SIWI. Celebrated, respected, and a role… View more


SIWI received the Prince Albert II of Monaco Water Award in London

SIWI's Executive Director Mr. Togny Holgren has received the Prince Albert II of Monaco Water Award at the fifth award… View more

In Search of a Valid Water Ticket to the Future

In this article, Professor Malin Falkenmark compares the last 20 year period with foreseeable expectations for the next two 20-year… View more

Ecohydrosolidarity – Towards Better Balancing of Humans and Nature

For decades, humanity has been stuck at a conceptual standstill. The serious failures through three or four decades to come… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 2 2009

SIWI’s Senior Scientific Advisor Prof. Malin Falkenmark advocates future-oriented strategies to address what she describes as the mega-scale challenges. Supplying… View more

Peak Water – Era of Sharpening Water Shortages

A new concept, “"peak water"” has emerged. It indicates that the era of easy access to blue water is coming… View more