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Policy Brief: Preventing Corruption in the Water Sector

The policy brief "Preventing Corruption in the Water Sector", provides policy makers with concise analysis on how to identify corruption… View more


The Human Right to Water and Sanitation

Access to water and sanitation as human rights has gained growing attention over the last few years at a global… View more


Adapting Water Management to Climate Change

This Policy Brief present a general overview of observed and projected impacts of climate change on water resources and an… View more


Saving Water: From Field to Fork – Curbing Losses and Wastage in the Food Chain

As much as half of all food grown is lost or wasted before and after it reaches the consumer. And… View more


Agriculture, Water and Ecosystems

This Policy Brief covers the past agricultural management that has caused wide scale changes in land cover, streamflow, and groundwater… View more


On the Verge of a New Water Scarcity

An unfortunate confusion regarding growing physical water scarcity distorts policy formulation and effective action programmes. The scale and magnitude of… View more


Linking Poverty Reduction and Water Management

This Policy Brief has analysed the potential role of water management in poverty reduction and to identify actions through which… View more


Corruption in the Water Sector: Causes, Consequences and Potential Reform

This Policy Brief gives an overview of the diversity and scope of corruption in the water sector and the existing… View more


Future Dams – Recommendations to Swedish Stakeholders on Implementing ”Dams and Development – A New Framework for Decision Making”

This Policy Brief contains recommendations for Swedish actors implementation of "Dams and Development, A New Framework for Decision-Making" which was… View more