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Stockholm Water Front No 3 2014

We are at the threshold of an important year. 2015 is the final year for the Millennium Development Goals, formulated… View more

Press Releases 2013

2013-11-14 SIWI to host the first UNESCO Centre in Sweden 2013-10-07 WEF and SIWI Agree to Expand Collaboration on Water… View more

Press Releases 2012

2012-12-12 SIWI and Partners Implement Project to Support Investments in the Eastern Baltic Sea Region 2012-08-30 2012 Stockholm Water Prize… View more

Nominate for 2014 Stockholm Industry Water Award before November 15

SIWI calls for excellent nominations for the 2014 Stockholm Industry Water Award. Deadline for nominations is next Friday, November 15.… View more

What should be the price of water?

As the world's population grows fast, there will be even more of us to share an already limited amount of… View more

Three Tuesday seminars live! Including Stockholm Industry Water Award ceremony

The 2013 World Water Week in Stockholm is in full swing. Today there are seminars focusing cooperation and partnership between… View more

Netafim Receives Stockholm Industry Water Award

Netafim, a pioneer and leading provider of drip and micro-irrigation technology worldwide, has been named the 2013 Stockholm Industry Water… View more

Stockholm Water Front No. 2 2013

Outside of his adopted Zimbabwe and the international community of water and sanitation professionals, Dr. Peter Morgan’s heroism is likely… View more