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Stockholm Water Front No. 2 2001

With hydrosolidarity issues again to be in focus at the Stockholm Water Symposium, Stockholm Water Front took time to talk… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 4 2000

Dialogue and compromise building between different interest groups were key themes during the Stockholm Water Symposium’s workshops, which are also… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 3 2000

The main content of this issue of Water Front, and the overall conclusions of the 2000 Stockholm Water Symposium, is… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 2 2000

Safe, adequate and reliable water supply and sanitation is a challenge to achieve in fast urbanisation and rapid population growth… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 1 2000

In this issue Water Front presents the workshop conclusions from the 1999 Stockholm Water Symposium, and gives an introduction to… View more


Stockholm Water Front No. 3 1999

This Water Front gives full coverage of the 1999 World Water Week with its discussions on “hydrosolidarity” and urban water… View more


Stockholm Water Front No.1 1999

This issue of Stockholm Water Front contains a number of interesting articles about the importance of women in the water… View more


Stockholm Water Front No.2 1999

Meet the 1999 Stockholm Water Prize laureates Professors Werner Stumm and James J. Morgan who’se profound and far-reaching research achievements… View more