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Stockholm Water Front No. 2 2004

From the dawn of history, as the human population has continuously increased, so have the water and wastewater disposal requirements.… View more

Corporate Responsibility to Facilitate Sustainable Development in the Water Sector

This is the summarised report from the Founders Seminar of the Stockholm Water Prize on Corporate Responsibility to Facilitate Sustainable… View more

Stockholm Water Front No.1 2001

The 2002 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate Professor Takashi Asano contributes with an article about the positive returns of wastewater reuse,… View more

Stockholm Water Front No.2 1999

Meet the 1999 Stockholm Water Prize laureates Professors Werner Stumm and James J. Morgan who’se profound and far-reaching research achievements… View more

Nominate for the 2013 Stockholm Water Prize before September 15

Winning the Stockholm Water Prize takes a lifetime of achievement. Nomination takes only a minute. First presented in 1991, the… View more