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SIWI supports UN-Water recommendations for a Water Goal

As part of a year long expert consultation process to analyse the role water could play in the Post-2015 development… View more

SIWI takes part in the water dialogue at the 2013 Budapest Water Summit

The 2013 Budapest Water Summit, held between 8 and 11 October, aims to take stock of the various developments, within… View more

EUWI AWG co-convenes session on Water Resources Management in Africa

The EU Water Initiative (EUWI) Africa Working Group (AWG) at SIWI is co-convening a session on Water Resources Management as… View more

SIWI encourages everyone to join the Thematic Consultation on Water and Energy

The Thematic Consultation on Water in the post-2015 development agenda is now open, waiting for your inputs on the www.worldwewant2015.org/water… View more

Water in the Rio outcomes

SIWI's Karin Lexén has been following the Rio+20 negotiations as an advisor to the Swedish delegation. Her comments as of… View more