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Watch live! World Water Day seminar focusing on energy and water

Watch the broadcast of Swedish Water House seminar on energy and water linkages. Starts at 09:00 AM CET Friday March… View more

Swedish Water House releases new policy papers

Swedish Water House, a part of SIWI, has published three new policy papers, all focusing on current water related issues.… View more

Exploring Water Cooperation on World Water Day

Exploring Water Cooperation on World Water Day by Ms. Lovisa Selander, Communications Manager, SIWI The UN World Water Day on… View more

SIWI seminar to be broadcast on “Kunskapskanalen”

The seminar "Shared Water - New challenges for Peace and Development" that SIWI and Swedish Water House arranged together with… View more

Klustergruppen om vatten och företagsansvar

Alla företag är på något sätt beroende av vatten för sin verksamhet, och allt fler företag börjar utforska hur de… View more

Planning for Drinking Water and Sanitation in Peri-Urban Areas

Safe drinking water, good sanitation and hygiene are fundamental to people’s health, survival, growth and development. In some parts of… View more

Future Dams – Recommendations to Swedish Stakeholders on Implementing ”Dams and Development – A New Framework for Decision Making”

This Policy Brief contains recommendations for Swedish actors implementation of "Dams and Development, A New Framework for Decision-Making" which was… View more

Health, Dignity, and Development: What Will It Take?

This report, the abridged version of the full report Health, Dignity, and Development: What Will It Take? underscores the need… View more

Key Recommendations: Health, Dignity, and Development

This is a brochure version of The UN Millennium Project Task Force on Water and Sanitation’s key recommendations on how… View more